Monday, November 2, 2009

Matt Cutt's of Google Having a Haircut

Just recently I came accross with these video from youtube, and I was shocked seeing Matt of Google having a haircut done with his colleagues. Wow, he's getting bald. Have you watched it guys. There I was again shocked knowing that the reason why he was getting it done, it's because he lose with ther deals.

One of the "one-day hired barbers" have made a round shape cut on the back center of his head. And then as the cutting continues, he's getting really ... Let's give it a name guys, Matt Cutt's Haircut for the day. Enjoy watching!

Imagine that, wish I've got the chance of having his hair done too. And he seems enjoying it. That look really fits him. He looked more handsome with that. Still thinking what will be the next deal, if ever there will be. Think I'm going to follow it up. Good job guys.

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