Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tobey Maguire’s Birthday

Santa Monica California USA is the place were a boy was born on the 27th of June, 1975. This boy was named Tobias Vincent Maguire . Yes, that’s his real name, the popular actor who portrayed the role as Spiderman, Tobey Maguire. To add a little splice about his life and particulars here it is. He loves to cook and yoga. The reason why he loves to cook is because he really wanted to be a chef. But luckily, the entertainment world has got him first. He’s been a vegetarian since 1992.

Has stopped his ninth grade and grab an acting career. They have been together since childhood ( with Leonardo Di Caprio ) and until now they were close friends or shall I say bestfriends in real life. Got married and had to siblings now. The lucky girl was Jennifer Meyer with a wedding in a secret ceremony on Hawaii. The wedding was only attended by close friends. The casting for this is perfect. While it was hard to imagine Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man, having seen the film, it’s equally hard to imagine the film without him. The 27-year old actor embodies Peter Parker’s boyish nerdiness to a tee, initially creating the portrait of an insecure loner impassioned with science and desperately in love with his life-long next door neighbour, before discovering what his new-found alter-ego is capable of. Maguire is the perfect Spider-Man, and the more perfect Peter Parker; it’s an astonishing, beautifully managed performance.

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