Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another Twilight Blog Here

Even though Twilight movie had already dominated the world, still everywhere I go, I still hears that word. Typing with the keyword Twilight, there you get lots of result. And funny but it seems, it’s another pandemic, affecting mostly all women.And count me in for that. Here I go again stressing why I love Twilight too. Something that bothers me, is this guy, Mr. Robert Pattinson, I think I’m just one of those girls that really admires this guy. And really, he is awesome and cute. And wonder why we all girls screams for him. Anyway, going back to the topic, Twilight really invades, i think the whole world. I can not wait to see the next sequel of it, the ” New Moon” . And thinking, what will happen next? I am sure that readers and followers of this book, now knows what is going to happen.
Ever wondering why Robert always has this long hair? Maybe that’s what people want him to look like and made all the girls scream. Those messy and wild hairstyle made him more awesome right? But, haven’t you notice the photo, there? He has this clean cut, and still he look good. Just got it from a source, and have no idea either, when was that?. Was it before or was it after Twilight? If anybody knows, please do leave a comment and tell us please. As critiques address us fans as “Twilighters”, how do you like that name?

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